Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric heater products, including baseboard heaters, are a great alternative to furnaces. Baseboard heaters, which are usually installed under windows are a great option because of their simplicity; they are subtle and usually blend in with the décor of the room and they are very easy to install. You can set them up in every room in the house or you can set them up n just the main areas, usually the living room and in the bedrooms depending on how much you have to spend. Because there are so many brands in the market, you may have a hard time settli8ng on just which baseboard heaters are right for you. Follow these tips if you want to get the right baseboard heaters for your home.

• The first thing you should take into account is the size of the baseboard heaters that are required. Measure the size of the room and then derive the wattage by taking into account that in a room with proper insulation, heating up a square foot requires 10 watts. You can take the dimensions of the room when you go shopping so that the experts at the shop can confirm your calculations.

•Next, consider any heat loss that may occur. Heat loss can be caused by poor insulation and too many windows. If you have either or both of these things, you will need to choose a baseboard heater that has higher wattage. Wattage usually starts at 250 watts but you would have trouble finding a baseboard heater with wattage this low. They usually start at 500 watts with increments of 50 watts all the way to 2,000 watts.

•You want to find baseboard heaters that have programmable thermostats. Many come with thermostats that you need to adjust manually but there is only one problem with this; it is very easy to forget to adjust the temperature. Programmable ones allow you to set the heater only once and then the heater can adjust the temperature.

•Buy baseboard heaters that have an EPA logo. These have been certified as energy efficient. This helps you save on costs in the long run and you also contribute in your own small way to conserving the environment.

•Another way to save on heaters is to buy low watt density heaters. These will use less wattage to heat a square foot. While they will cost you more, they will save you money over time because they distribute heat evenly and they have a lower tendency of forming heat pockets.

•The best heater systems have sealant at the back which attaches them firmly to the wall. This way, no air gets behind the unit. This air captures dust which means that you have to clean the unit more often.

•A fan is a must if you want maximum efficiency from your electric heater products. It ensures that as soon as heat is produced it is blown into the room. It also allows for better circulation of air and there is less risk of overheating because all hot air is immediately pushed out of the unit. Be careful to find heater systems that have quiet fans.

Is there anything else to take into account? Not much. In case you have a mostly wood décor in your home, you can find baseboard heaters that have a wood finish that will match your décor. If you are wondering how much you will have to pay, good baseboard heaters will usually cost you a few hundred dollars. There are some excellent brands that sell within the $200 range.